Lets-bowl is a local personally run website, which will try to keep you updated of anything and everything within the Northamptonshire Ten Pin Bowling community. We are not an official voice of the county, just somewhere to go to get updates and information. We will be running a Tournament Calendar for local and national events juniors, Adults & Seniors.

We will also be trying to gather your up to date league results, so if you bowl in a league please tell your league secretary about us and get them to email myself to place your fixture list, league tables and scores on a weekly basis. If you would just like to see something different on here or want any information about our local bowling then again please email me on this link.  admin@lets-bowl.co.uk





PBA & Brunswick Legend Parker Bohn III will be attending a Brunswick, DV8 & Radical demonstration day at Ketterings, New York Thunderbowl's, Lets-Bowl Pro Shop.


Lets-Bowl will play host to a wide range of amazing bowling products at Crazy on the day prices.

There will be both 14lb and 15lb balls available to use.

Any person purchasing a ball on the day will be able to spend a small amount of one to one time with Parker and will be entered into a competition to actually get to bowl against Parker Bohn himself.

The demo day will run from 2pm - 7pm, Amount of time on the lanes will be dependant on volume of bowlers attending. It will cost only £10 per person and the £10 will be refunded if a ball is purchased.

We will have bowling balls from £40 and double and triple bags from £20, Plus loads of other bowling consumables along with signed Pins, T-shirts and baseball caps.



If you would like to attend please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.