Lets-bowl is a local personally run website, which will try to keep you updated of anything and everything within the Northamptonshire Ten Pin Bowling community. We are not an official voice of the county, just somewhere to go to get updates and information. We will be running a Tournament Calendar for local and national events juniors, Adults & Seniors.

We will also be trying to gather your up to date league results, so if you bowl in a league please tell your league secretary about us and get them to email myself to place your fixture list, league tables and scores on a weekly basis. If you would just like to see something different on here or want any information about our local bowling then again please email me on this link.  admin@lets-bowl.co.uk







WELCOME WELCOME and Happy New Year to all followers of www.lets-bowl.co.uk .

This is a new year and we'll be bringing you much more information and news from the Northamptonshire bowling scene. More information from both competition centres and access to information to help you improve your game. Plus our very own Lets-Bowl team members will have there very own pages so you can follow their year in bowling. More ball reviews and information from our three main sponsors. DV8, Brunswick and Radical. 


Plus along the way I will be trying to get a few interviews with some of our local past and present England bowlers.

So once again as time is limited we will try our hardest to keep this site updated.

Good Luck for the year ahead.